Based in Brighton, UK, I make unique, one-of-a-kind bright, colourful, modern, functional homeware and jewellery.

After training in fashion, performing in various bands, and attending jewellery & silversmithing classes, my other creative interests were collecting midcentury fabrics, ceramics and children’s books. When a friend arranged a 'pot painting' party at her house, I had a go at painting a bisque fired bowl for the first time, and was hooked from then on. 

I joined a local pottery studio, and started learning how to roll, throw, build, press, trim, paint, glaze and fire clay, to start making my own creations. After making pots for a few years, I finally opened my online shop in summer 2018. 

Little did I fully realise the extent to which pottery is in my blood – a long line of my relatives worked in the Stoke potteries (including Clarice Cliff) – so I'm really striving to do them proud! 

If you would like to stock Yvette Eady ceramics, cushions, prints or greeting cards, please email info@yvetteeady.com